Hangover Cure: ‘Morning-after Maids’ Clean Up Post-party Mess

Startup company claims to have been inundated after launching a service to clear up after parties – including bringing painkillers

The morning after a party in a student house. A New Zealand start up has launched offering a clean up service.


A New Zealand maid service cleaning up the homes of hungover party-goers has been inundated with requests for their services, from home and abroad.

Flatmates Rebecca Foley and Catherine Ashurst launched their cleaning service – Morning-After Maids – in Auckland a month ago.

The service picks up the pieces from parties “the morning after” – cleaning up revellers’ debris (including vomit at NZ$10), cooking or buying breakfast for hungover hosts – even doing coffee and painkiller runs.

Since launching on Facebook in early May, Foley and Ashurst have been fielding requests from around the country, as well as calls from people in the US and Canada interested in franchising the startup.

The duo – both self-confessed “clean-freaks” – are meeting their lawyers and mentor this week to figure out a strategy on where to take the burgeoning business next.

“It’s amazing what has happened so quickly, but we are trying to keep our heads and not make any rash decisions,” said Ashurst.

“Obviously we have struck a chord and discovered a niche that hasn’t been met before. But neither of us has any business experience so we are seeking advice on how to proceed; we don’t want to ruin the character of the business by ballooning too fast.”

Foley and Ashurst are both in full-time employment, and squeeze the business and cleanups into their nights and weekends.

“When people answer the door they are usually really apologetic about the state of their house,” laughs Ashurst.

“But we’ve both been in our 20s and partied so it’s nothing we haven’t seen before … the morning-after vibe can be quite fun actually, music playing, a bit of banter going, we like to bring lightness and positivity when we visit.”

The worst job the pair attended was last weekend, in which a mud-caked floor “broke our mop”.

Before launching Morning-After Maids the partners floated the idea to their friends on social media, and were encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive feedback.

“I think it is one of those ideas that was just waiting to happen,” said Ashurst.

“And it’s different from a cleaning service – we bring our dogs, we chat to you, we cook for you. I think if you are going to have someone in your home when you’re feeling a bit shaky, it needs to feel relaxed and comfortable.”

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