Milk Delivery Man Delivers Last Pint Without Missing A Day For 57 Years

70 year old Bryon Willey has delivered his last pint of milk after never having missed a day for a collection of 57 years.

He started his job as a milk delivery man when he was only 13 years old, and has grown up to watch generations of customers grow up as well during his career.

Astoundingly, Bryon of King’s Stanley, Gloucestershire, has never missed a single day on the job, and has even delivered to the maternity unit on the day his own two children were born.

‘I have always enjoyed the job. Over the years customers have felt like friends, it’s been great to meet so many people.”

“I have watched many of them grow up, delivering to them as small children and then later on seeing them grow up with children of their own whilst still being their milkman. Some of them even ended up working for me delivering the milk.”

He had left school two years after starting his part-time business and took a full-time position delivering milk and working on a local farm seven days a week.

In 1986, he bought his own milk round, which covers King’s Stanley, Leonard Stanley and Selsey, and served around 500 customers.

“It has been hard work but enjoyable,” he added.


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